The game giant King is now looking for two new Content Management System operators!

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? King strives to create fantastic gaming experiences for hundreds of millions of people and they are now looking for two new employees. Do you want to work in between Java-script development and as a CMS operator? Then this is an assignment for you! Apply today to participate in an exciting growth journey to give moments of magic to everyday life.


King is a success story with the game Candy Crush in the lead, the game is launched in many different parts of the world, which has contributed to the fact that today they are 2500 employees. King and Candy Crush continues to grow in a very entrepreneurial spirit and Academic Work now offers two people a challenging role through this consulting assignment.

An important part of the company is to build integrated advertising in the game, such as ads that appear between different levels of the game or short videoclips that you can choose to watch to get extra rewards as a player in the game. In this role, you will work between Java-script development and as a CMS operator. You will be part of a team that works with analysis of how advertising is integrated into the games to give the best effect. The team analyzes whether ads affect the gaming experience for the better or the worse depending on where, when and how they appear. The group also looks at how displaycontent is optimized and adapted in the best way for different countries. King has many sharp analysts that you will work in close cooperation with. The group consists of three people at present, but the team is expected to continue to grow within the next few years, which means that you will be allowed to participate in a very exciting journey of growth. The team works in a classic agile structure in a constantly changing environment, the atmosphere is good with high ceilings where you are allowed to test yourself to reach the best results. As introduction you will receive support and go next to a senior colleague to get a good insight into the work in the best way as possible.

This expansion trip will offer you flexibility in the role and many of the tasks will crystallize over time. Are you driven by your own development and take your own initiative at work? In that case, do not hesitate to apply today as we work with continuous selection!


This role requires an analytical ability, since you will work similar like an analyst assistant. In the role you will mainly support the team's analysts in different ways that are required in their work on the work of performing statistical analysis. You will do easier tasks and be supported in your work as well as keep track of the operations and report results. In the role you will also be able to read in on technical documents to cope with certain tasks such as test-setup. In the role, for example, you will:

* Keep track of which analyzes have been run and when
* Start runs in internal systems to get data on how player flows change in relation to how advertising is entered the game
* Perform test-setup
* Write and modify JSON files, create different tests according to completed routines
* Write JSON files as specified

The role suits you who have good computer skills and understanding of how technical systems are structured. We also see that you have the attitude that nothing is impossible and has its own interest in development.


* Postgraduate education in, for example, mathematics or computer science
* Have good computer skills
* Analytical thinking and ability to navigate complex operational scenarios
* Understands XML and JSON structure
* Has very good knowledge of English in both speech and writing. This is when the language is used in communication with customers and colleagues.

In order to fit in the role, we see that you as a person enjoy working flexibly in a growth company during the expansion phase. Which also means that accuracy is required in your work and a structured way of working. Finally, it is important that you take great responsibility for your tasks and that you like to take your own initiatives. Programming languages are not crucial, rather the right attitude. However, it is an advantage if you have used PHP, C ++ and / or Wordpress.


* Start: Immediately
* Work extent: Fulltime
* Location: Stockholm, Sveavägen 44
* This recruitment process is conducted by Academic Work. The request from King is that all questions regarding the position is handled by
Academic Work
* Apply by pressing the Apply here button below. Our selection process is continuous and the advert may close before the recruitment process is completed if we have moved forward to the screening or interview phase..
* We do not handle applications through e-mail, but if you have questions about the position you are welcome to email us at [email protected] and we will answer during office hours. Please write the advert title in the subject and paste the advert link in the mail. For general considerations about your applications/our recruitment process, we are often available in our chat function on our web during weekdays. Feel free to contact us there!


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