Elevator modernization at ThyssenKrupp Malmö

At the moment, Barona is looking for new efficient and engaged staff for modernization of elevators on behalf of our client Thyssenkrupp in Malmö Sweden. Thyssenkrupp is an international company in the elevator and escalator business. In your role, you will handle renovation and modernization of current elevators in and around the Malmö area.

This is a full time (100%) consulting position for a 8 month project, and once hired we would wish you to start right away. To begin with the assignment is scheduled for 6 months, with good chances of continuing on with the client after that. Placement is with the client in Malmö.

Typical Duties/task assignments

As an elevator modernizer within the modernization department, you have the general responsibility when it comes to independently replacing parts and repairing elevators to a fully operational state, after which they are inspected and approved. You have full responsibility over the repairs and modernization and can call technical support when necessary. Furthermore, you plan and structure your work so as to minimize disruptions such as lack of materials, wastage of time etc. and maintain contact with supervisor.

About you

  • To be successful in this role, you will need:
  • Good skills in electronics and mechanical work
  • Experience from the elevator business. New installation or modernization.
  • You also need certificate for hot works and electrical safety.
  • Good skills in English.
  • Driver’s license is also a demand.


  • Problem solver with good ability with cooperation
  • Goal oriented and ability to handle stress
  • Independent, energetic and willing to take initiation
  • Sociable and outgoing

What we offer you

  • We can offer you free accommodation in Sweden.
  • We will also cover the travel costs to get to Sweden.

When you are hired by us, Barona, you can be certain that you have made a good choice, since you have been hired by on of the leading companies in staffing and recruiting in the Nordics. We offer you a fair salary based on the market, union agreements with deposits for pensions and a strong wellness grant. You also get a dedicated consultant manager and we will do everything we can do make sure you feel good in your role.


Do not hesitate to send in your application today – Selection and interviews are done continuously and the position might get filled before the last application date.

Please observe, we do not wish for applications to arrive via email, but rather through our website. But if you have any questions please contact, Albin Jonsson | [email protected]




Welcome to Sweden!

Sweden is mostly known for our beautiful winters, IKEA, Swedish meatballs and ABBA. But there are plenty of more interesting things that attract our foreigners to relocate here. Did you for example know that during the summers, the sun never sets in the northern parts of the country? And as for the south parts, the sun sets around 10PM and rises again around 3:30AM. Here are some more interesting facts that are good to know if you’re thinking about relocating here!

  • For those who like hiking Sweden is heaven. Two thirds of our country are covered in beautiful forest.
  • Sweden is the third biggest country in Europe known to surface, but we have the second lowest amount of population per square kilometer.
  • Sweden pays it’s high-school students approx. 102 EUR / month to attend school.
  • Stockholm, which is the capital, has been called ¨The Venice of North¨ because the city is built around water with 42 bridges and 12 islands.
  • It’s one of the few countries where you can experience all four seasons.

Working in Sweden

As for working here, there are a few things worth knowing. First off, the standard office-hours are from 8AM to 5PM. The public transport is very broad, seeing as we have busses, under-ground subways, commuter trains, trams etc. If you’re more into driving, the traffic isn’t all that bad and the gas-prices are at around 14 SEK (approx. 1,4 EUR) per liter. If your job involves driving, the companies normally cover the gas cost when you’re on duty.

We have a lot of good options for joining a union, and we have union-approved contracts fo that secure your rights and makes sure that you’re not underpaid.

You can register for something called A-kassa (unemployment benefits), which basically means that you are covered with pay for up to a year, should you lose your job. Requirements for this are that you are actively looking for a new job and can account for this, should you be asked to.

The healthcare system states that children under the age of 18 won’t pay for medical care and prescribed medicine, and dental care is free up to the year you turn 22. If you seek medical attention for more than 1200 SEK (approx. 120 EUR) a year, your doctor’s visits become free for a year.

Since work wellbeing is very important for us, we provide our employees with something called ¨Friskvårdsbidrag¨. This means that we provide you with an allowance of 3000 SEK (approx. 300 euro) per year to spend on sports, massage, physical therapy etc. This is a voluntary benefit for the employer and the amount differs from company to company.

Regarding pension and other insurances, we follow our union agreement and we pay contributions according to pension plan ITP1 for all our employees. The contribution is approx. 4,5% of your monthly salary if you are over 25. For those who earn above 39.063 SEK/month, the pension plan increases with contributions of 30% on the amount above that salary level. You are fully secure and insured during your working hours and travelling to and from work.

Here are some helpful links if you are thinking about moving to Sweden:





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