IT Systems Operations Manager

IT Systems Operations Manager, Safeture, Lund

Safeture is currently expanding the sales and marketing activities and is looking for a full-time employee to manage IT systems operations. You will be a part of the development team, with focus on operating and maintaining the production and development servers, managing IT security processes, documenting, installing and maintaining all other internal IT systems.

You will be a part of an international IT company that provides a cloud-based IT-platform, called Safeture, for keeping employees safe, primarily when travelling abroad on business trips. The business model is a standard SaaS, Software as a Service, model.

Safeture is a small company and it means that we work close together, make quick decisions and support each other to achieve important successes. You will be a significant part of a qualified team, at the same time you must be able to do most of the work by yourself and take the initiative and full responsibility for all tasks. In this position you will be able to work from home some of the time.

The role includes the following tasks:

• Maintain and operate our production and development sites where we purchase virtual host space.

• Design, operate and update all internal server structures, network structures and IT processes.

• Work with external IT security companies for adapting and changing our IT environment to improve the IT security.

• Support sales on IT security questioners and other IT security documentations.

• Design, improve and verify redundancy and other high availability solutions.

• Monitor operations quality, system scaling and IT Security.

• Design and set up new operations sites in other countries based on local legislation requirements of personal data.

• Design and implement efficient solutions for provisioning to production and staging sites.

• Work closely with development team to adapt the software for improved IT security, improved redundancy and more efficient operations.

• Document solutions, structures and processes.


The successful candidate shall have at least 5 years’ experience working with IT systems operations and have an extensive knowledge of IT security, Linux and open source solutions. English is important, both written and spoken and we value previous experience working in a small companies where most of the work needs to be done by oneself using limited resources.

About Us

Safeture offers a complete cloud-based IT platform designed to manage risk, safety and crises involving employees wherever they are.?The heart of the company, which was founded in 2009 is the Safeture?Enterprise?platform, which has a vast number of functions and components, including travel tracking, flight updates and global real time alerts in the same tool. It is an open platform, which allows clients to adopt specific internal processes and integrate it with external suppliers. The company’s Safeture TRM (Travel Risk Management) software is a part of the Enterprise platform and is available separately for smaller companies.?Safeture is listed on Nasdaq First North

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