Junior Software Engineer / Developer / Mobile Arts

Are you a college graduate with a Bachelor Degree (or higher) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields? Do you have strong interest in building products that are used in telecom and require high availability? Mobile Arts are currently looking for new members in their development team to help improve their state of the art location based products that have been used all around the world helping positioning people that are making emergency calls.

Om företaget

About Mobile Arts

Mobile Arts develop mission critical telecommunications systems and applications that they provide to Mobile Operators and their customers on a worldwide basis.
Some of the products handle true big data, processing hundred thousands of events per second, and our solutions and services by nature require skilled engineering. While developing close to all software in-house, Mobile Arts also believe in open source software and actively contribute to the open source community.



During the first months you will be focusing on learning about the products, different emerging technologies and applications. You will be working together with other developers in a team of about 13 people. In time you will be working independently with trouble shooting and developing. An important part of your job will be to inform and communicate with customers. Mainly you will be situated at the office in the south of central Stockholm, Södermalm, but in time your work will include travelling outside of Sweden. You will be working with business customers, engineering and technical partners all over the world.

Formella krav


• Interest in working with Linux operating system (Red Hat, Cent OS, Unix etc)
• Understanding programming in any basic programming language (C, C#, Java, C++, Ruby etc)
• Bachelor Degree (or higher) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields
• Knowledge of common scripting languages (Python, Bash, Perl, Ruby, C-shell etc)
• Interest in Functional Programming (Erlang, Scheme, Lisp etc)
• Fluent in English


• Basic experience working with GIT
• Experience working with Linux operating system (Red Hat, Cent OS, etc)

We believe that you are person that has a good ability for verbal and written communication with other Software Development Engineers. You are also able to work well with business customers, engineering and technical partners. You need a strong interest in learning emerging technologies and applications.

Mobile Arts do not have hard requirements on specific programming skills but would like to hear about any programming skills you have . And also your knowledge on databases, data processing tools and operating systems. If available, please also feel free to share links to public code or projects that you may have participated. You are enthusiastic about learning new technologies and eager to improve your skills. Since Mobile Arts almost exclusively work with Erlang, this experience is considered a plus.

Övrig information

Start: Enligt överenskommelse
Plats: Centrala Stockholm
Lön: Fast lön enligt överenskommelse

Kontakt: Bravura, [email protected], tel. 08-40024050

Vi rekommenderar att du skickar in din ansökan omgående då vi gör ett löpande urval. Välkommen med din ansökan!

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